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2020 DVAA Auction

Auction 2020

It’s been over 3 years since the last DVAA-sponsored auction of astronomy-related gear, and we know you have been waiting for a long time!    Unfortunately, due to the coronovirus, the planned live auction wasn't possible so plans for an exciting online auction are in the works!      

Now is the time to search through your closets and garage to find the astronomy-related gear (large or small!)  that you would like to donate to the auction.  It's easy, just send a photo and a short description to   

10 inch f/5.6 Orion Deep Space Explorer Premium.  With 8x50 finder, 2” focuser.  Tube length is 61 inches.  Optics have been cleaned and collimated.  No eyepieces included.  The black area near the focuser is electrical tape placed to allow observing with both eyes open.   The optics look good aside from one spot (less than a square inch) near one edge of the primary where it’s a little worn.  

Watch for additional items to be added!  

If you have astronomy-related gear that you would like to donate to the auction, send a photo and a short description to