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At Home with the Night Sky
By Louis S Berman
Posted on 2/25/2018 8:55 PM
I'm pleased to announce that I just uploaded Bart Thorn's superb "At Home with the Night Sky;" a magnum-opus that spans more than 17 years and some 200 newsletter articles. A prolific and superlative author, Bart's writing has long been a favorite of mine and I can only hope that he will continue to churn out his column for a good time to come.

Bart's topics have ranged from the absolutely mundane (a rumination on the best sort of gloves to wear for Winter observing) to the topical (the optimal time on a particular December night to view an obscure conjunction in Vulpecula) to the historical ("The first cross-quarter day occurs in February. Called Imbolc by the Celts, and more recently St. Brigit’s Day, and Groundhog Day.") to a bit of club news ("With his double award winning new scope, Vince joins the impressive line of DVAA’ers who have won acclaim at the home of amateur telescope makers.") and more.

Bart's articles can be found within our document library in the "Articles / At Home with the Night Sky" folder.  My advice?  Run; don't walk!
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