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Self Promotion or DVAA Promotion?
By Jeff Oaster
Posted on 6/6/2018 10:53 AM

Hey gang - 

Yesterday an email came out from Human Resources soliciting and interesting news or updates from staff members that they might want to share with the campus community. After thinking about ignoring it, I thought to myself that I've had a pretty active year regarding my Astronomy activities and have accomplished quite a bit. Then my introverted side kicked in. I don't typically like being in the spotlight - although it has an annoying tendency to find me - and usually get embarrassed when given accolades or even compliments.

Eventually my pragmatic side won out: With the DVAA doing a publicity push, being able to highlight member activity (even if it's me talking about my own highlights) is a positive in pretty much every way. And to be quite frank, I have a lot to be proud of. I eventually wrote up a paragraph blurb:

"Despite two knee replacements in the past year, Jeff Oaster has had a busy time with the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers ( In addition to earning three observing certificates, he has also organized or helped out with a number of Public Outreach events, including one on the day of the Solar Eclipse that saw about 400 visitors. Also an avid variable star observer, Jeff has recorded and logged over 250 variables for the American Association of Variable Star Observers."

With about 700 staff and faculty, Swarthmore College does provide some nice potential for a little publicity, and I'm more than willing to talk Astronomy with anyone who walks in the office. Heck, I've even brought my binos in a few times when I knew an interesting event was going to be happening in the evening - a little Drive-Thru Outreach, if you will. So why not try a little outreach in your own workplace. Leave some pamphlets on your desk, hang a picture or calendar on your wall, frame a certificate, etc. Every little bit helps.

Clear skies!